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  Details from previous trips

October update

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sunday 2 October, Foulness Open Day. A perfect afternoon many visitors even some well looked after old cars glistening in the car park. There were 3 tractor tours all full of visitors.


Sunday 9 October, we had an extra Broomway walk for a group and for the first time an all male group and no they did not all behave themselves, but a good walk with some heavy clouds. Please see attached.


Sunday 23 October this Broomway walk was cancelled due to some confusion. So as not to waste a perfect weather we as a family had a day out on the sands it was wonderful. For some time we have been wanting to try a different route this was a good opportunity, we walked out to the Havengore Creek we then turned south and walked along the Creek then turning west we finished up at the wreck. There was lots of Brent geese about, curlew, dunlin, oystercatcher many gulls milling around, also found some sea squirts, this could be a walk for the future.


We do not have any more walks for this remainder of 2016 as the tides are not suitable for walking plus there is a very good chance the MOD will again close the Broomway form their exercises. Please watch the website for next year’s trips.


September Update / Sightings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Saturday 10th September

Broomway Walk was cancelled due to rain/poor visibility although the rain was patchy and light inland. We were assured by the locals that the right decision was made to cancel the walk on the sands.


Sunday 11th September

Seal Cruise - one of those days when it was so still, what we call a flat calm, I searched without success for the elusive Porpoise. We saw lots of seals, the pups nearly the same size as the adults, just watching us drift past.  However, whilst on holiday we did see porpoise, dolphin, and a basking shark off the Devon coast.


Saturday 17th September

Two cruises had to be cancelled due to forecasted squalls (high gusts of wind)


Sunday 18th September am

Seal Cruise, a dull morning but the seals showed well for all on board. 


Sunday 18th September pm

Six Island Cruise (private charter) in the afternoon with better weather conditions, again plenty of seals, but the tide did not make its prediction meaning we could not get round the Islands. The water was the clearest I can ever remember seeing over the past 20+ years as we waited for the tide to lift us. We watched the river bed, the water was 4 feet deep and we could see the crabs scurrying around, but a real treat was the common jellyfish (the largest I have ever seen).  Everyone onboard agreed it was the same size as a dinner plate!


The tide not making its prediction is more common than you may think and very complicated to explain.

Jellyfish are not fish they are invertebrates, animals without backbone, 98% water, no heart, no brain, and they do not swim but just drift in the tide although they can go up and down. Sea turtles eat jellyfish, this is one of many reasons to keep plastic bags out of the sea as the turtles think they are jellyfish. A recent study of a carcass washed up, found dozens of plastic bags in its stomach that almost certainly starved it to death.


Saturday 24th September

Broomway walk replacing the cancelled one on the 10th September. A wonderful walk and interesting people with us as always, good clear weather with plenty of cloud formations and the wind did not reach its prediction thank goodness. A number of jellyfish about, Brent geese the first this year for us, marsh harrier, sparrowhawk possible widgeon (ducks) but not too sure and swallows throughout the walk.                                                                                                                                       

July update


A fairly busy month with cruises and Broomway Walks


The weekend of the 9th/10th July we were on the boat for a Six Island Cruise and Seal watching cruise. 

We had good views of March Harrier and Common Sandpipers on the Six Island Cruise

On the seal cruise I counted 51 seal pups and they all had their mums and not forgetting the non breeding animals and some odd bulls. I stopped counting and enjoyed them along with our passengers on the boat. 


The 2 Broomway walks this month were as normal well attended. 2nd July we had a shower partway through the walk and at one point almost lost visibility but all ended well.  16th July it was hot, very hot with just a calm breeze although we had some welcome cloud cover and magnificent skies.


Sunday 17th July - Toni and I were back on the sands with a researcher for a possible TV programme.


Hi all,


Saturday 28th May.  Six Island Cruise, comfortable day, weather was better than of late  and the highlights were avocet, marsh harrier, cuckoo and 6 seal pups.


Sunday 5th June. A visit to Foulness Heritage Centre open day. As always a warm welcome some of our group took the tractor tour and enjoyed the experience. This was followed by a Broomway Walk. At Wakering Stairs we had cuckoo, and the elusive turtle dove. This was a good walk; the pieces of ordnance are still there. At the end of the walk we had a super rainbow that stretched from one side to the other along with a reflection across the sands unfortunately no one got a decent photograph not even the photographer as they did not have a certain filter with them.


Sunday 12th June Broomway Walk with some interesting people. Another good walk a light rain shower that soon past but was not cold.


Saturday 18th June Six Islands Cruise. It was bitter cold for June but we did see on our way round 11 seal pups.


Sunday 19th June Seal Cruise.  The weather was far better and we saw 17 pups and the bull seal was about.


Sunday 26th June. Walking out to the Wreck. Once again a shower of rain, 2 of the group that had been before threatened to bring a drink on their next visit which they did! The champagne was most welcome !  Pity it was raining to start to with asn the glasses and table got wet. We returned back to shore in sunshine. A lovely morning with very good company. We did notice lots of patches of seaweed on the sands which previously have not been in that area and concluded it was because of the storms earlier in the week

April update 2016


Saturday 2nd April Broomway Walk and Sunday 17th April both walks blest with perfect weather and interesting visitors. The walk on the 17th  

was so clear we could see the London Array wind turbines these are off the Kent coast opposite Margate/Ramsgate.

Sadly the 2 cruises were cancelled due to lack of support.


March update


Toni and I walked the Broomway on Sunday 20th March to the sounds of gunfire; it was a wonderful walk with light winds and constant changing cloud formation with the odd shaft of sunshine beaming through. By the time we reached Asplins Head we noticed the flag was flying this means keep out so we made our way back.


February Update 2016

Just the one cruise to report on Saturday 27th February. It was cold but dry and the sun shone, the river was quiet. Going by the mud banks we could see that a good number of seals had been around, perhaps they were disturbed or a large shoal of fish past through. We did however only see 2 seals. Marsh harrier, grey plover, redshank, avocet, brent geese, wigeon, 100’s of teal, heron, dunlin, ringed plover. Also two yacht clubs were out most were skippered by teenagers making good use of the east wind.


January Update 2016

Not much to report although Toni and I visited our local nature reserve ‘Marks Hill’ to find the Bullfinch. A favourite bird of mine and we saw 5 in total, at this time of year they do flock together.

Saturday 23rd January we had a short trip on the boat ‘Aquarius’ that replaces the landing craft whilst she is in for a refit. We had a wonderful afternoon very little wind. Seal numbers were low but they were playing (showing off) perhaps pleased to see us. Lots of duck and waders, widgeon, teal, shelduck, mallard (possible visitors from Holland. Brent geese that were clearly disturbed off Wallasea Island and they really filled the air above us. Also around 80 avocet they were wonderful, and a big flock of lapwing. 


December Update 2015

Just the one trip this month our Foulness Birdwatch 20th December. A total of just over 50 birds seen, quite low from other trips but with the crazy weather we did well. Buzzard, marsh harrier, peregrine, and kestrel for the raptors, a very quick sighting of kingfisher, all the normal waders / duck with huge flocks of brent geese plus various passerines.

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