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Seal Cruises

Seal Watching Cruises  

Seals can also be seen on our Six Island Cruises dates as per Cruises tab

Seal Cruises 2017

Saturday 24th June 1.30pm to 3pm

Sunday 25th June 10am to noon

Saturday 15th July noon to 2pm

Sunday 16th July noon to 2pm

Seal Watching Cruise

Times may vary according to the weather.      Booking essential pay on the day.

Cost £22.00 each.

Cruises usually last between 2.1/2 to 3 hours depending on the tide.

This time of year is very good to see seal pups.

We spend about an hour with the seals. Brian will tell you all about their behaviour, breeding and lots of stories that he has collected over the past twenty years. Also up to date information from the recent study of the Thames Seal Working Group.

Seals are wild animals so sightings cannot be guaranteed

Remember seals can normally be seen on the          Six Island Cruises.

Porpoises have also been seen.

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