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Foulness Island

Foulness Island 

Essex has 30 islands more than any other county on the East coast of the UK.. Foulness Island is the largest about 37sq miles and is owned by the MOD where they test various ordinance.

The island is only open to the public on open days - just go to the Landwick office 11.45am and book in

1st Sunday in the month between April and October inclusive. Noon to 4pm.

You can visit the Heritage Centre in the old school and enjoy refreshments. On most Sundays there are organised guided tractor tours which can only be booked on arrival.

Foulness Conservation and Archaeological Society

Dear Brian and Toni

Over a number of years Nature Break has worked with the Foulness Conservation and Archaeological Society in providing tours of Foulness.

During this time we have come to have a close working relationship.  As a partnership, we have developed a unique brand of what is now called "Eco - tourism".  Your guests, many of whom have now become friends have appreciated what we are trying to achieve on Foulness, both in terms of conservation and "heritage".

Without your patronage and steady supply of keen and interested visitors our job of funding the Heritage Centre would be made that much more difficult.  With the support of Nature Break, the FCAS has raised thousands of pounds which has gone to essential projects to keep our museum going.  Your support has meant we have re-roofed the centre, built new toilets, and a new kitchen.  It has helped us make the centre wheelchair friendly.  We have been able to update the displays and continue a programme of research and education.

Nature Break, and spin-offs from your visits have helped us in all of our projects.  I just thought that I would write to you in appreciation of what Nature Break has done for the FCAS during our long partnership.

Best Wishes  Peter Carr , Chairman FCAS , Heritage Centre

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