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Comments from our visitors

Due to a major problem with our previous website we have had to start again so many of the comments we have unfortunately lost.

Thanks to you both for taking my sister Julia and I on the Broomway. I've been wanting to walk the Broomway for years and it didn't disappoint!  It is a magical experience.   The combination of the apparently endless sands and the extraordinary light were fantastic.  Brian was a mine of information on the fascinating ancient path.  I would love to walk the Broomway again as I gather it is always different.                                          Best wishes Caroline

Thanks for a great day out yesterday ! 

I think Marion will ache for days but I hope in the end the enforced exercise will do her good. 

Martin and Marion - September 2016

I'd just like to say how much I and my husband Miles enjoyed the walk on the Broomway at the beginning of August. We've never encountered a land (or sea-)scape quite like it before! I can see how easily folk must have gotten lost and drowned in the 19th century (especially if they'd been to the pub in Wakering beforehand). We loved all the history and anecdotes you had for us as well, very interesting. My mum has sent me a photocopy of the relevant chapter of John MacFarlane's book where he seems to have gotten away with wandering around in the mist on his own out there but worry not we have no intention of copying him! We've been walking around Essex - on dry land - since then, including the sea wall at Bradwell.

Donnla - August 2016


Just a short message to say what a wonderful time Claire and I had walking the Broomway with you and Toni yesterday. Honestly it couldn't have been been better. Your genial company and complete understanding of the route and the risks meant we could follow this ancient path without having to worry at all. We were just free to appreciate it which, believe me, we did!   Graeme and Claire 6th June 2016

Dear Brian and Toni  - Over a number of years Nature Break has worked with the Foulness Conservation and Archaeological Society in providing tours of Foulness. During this time we have come to have a close working relationship.  As a partnership, we have developed a unique brand of what is now called "Eco - tourism".  Your guests, many of whom have now become friends have appreciated what we are trying to achieve on Foulness, both in terms of conservation and "heritage".   Without your patronage and steady supply of keen and interested visitors our job of funding the Heritage Centre would be made that much more difficult.  With the support of Nature Break, the FCAS has raised thousands of pounds which has gone to essential projects to keep our museum going.  Your support has meant we have re-roofed the centre, built new toilets, and a new kitchen.  It has helped us make the centre wheelchair friendly.  We have been able to update the displays and continue a programme of research and education.   Nature Break, and spin-offs from your visits have helped us in all of our projects.  I just thought that I would write to you in appreciation of what Nature Break has done for the FCAS during our long partnership.   Best Wishes  Peter Carr, Chairman FCAS, Heritage Centre

Maplin Sands wreck 22nd August 2015

Many thanks from both of us for the spectacular walk out to the 1970s wreck on Maplin Sands. We have never done anything like it before, and now have a taste for more - if only you can lay on such ideal weather. If not, perhaps we could have a go at the birdlife next. At all events, it was a unique walk - despite over 150 years of walking between us.


Dear Brian,

Thanks for a really terrific trip out & also for organising such great weather! I've lived in Burnham & surrounding area since I was a child & up until today had never been to Foulness. What a great place it is, it was like going back in time, & oh so peaceful.

We will most certainly be looking at your other trips, but for next year.

I would so recommend this delightful trip & also the Tea, cake & sandwiches are so cheap. All in all a great trip, well worth the money & we will most certainly be joining you again.

Regards Denise & Steve

Hi Brian

Belated thanks for your excellent guided walk along the Broomway last Sunday 23rd August 2015. A unique experience in a special place, not possible without your knowledge. We also very much enjoyed your company and Toni's, and the wealth of interesting information you shared with us.

Kind regards

David & Gillian

The Wreck 30th May 2015  Hi Brian & Toni  A HUGE thankyou for taking us on such a superb walk, to the Wreck.  That was very special indeed.  We loved every second of our expedition ~ just didn't want it to end.  Definitely an Ace-Place.  Quite simply, a perfect day! Thoroughly enjoyed your company. Di/Dave


Dear Brian and Toni,  just a note to say how much we all enjoyed the walk yesterday. Brilliant! Great to hear stories of the Broomway and to experience its natural beauty. Thank you for a wonderful morning.    Sunday 24th May Broomway Walk.  Best wishes, Amelia    

Hi Brian

Many thanks for organising the walk along the Broomway to Foulness last Sunday. We enjoyed it immensely and the beauty and nature of this wonderful place were enhanced by your expert knowledge. For my friend it was an introduction to unknown parts of our coast and for me it completed a missing link, having already walked the whole coast of Essex. And what a wonderful coast it is, viewed from the sea wall, or as you took us, the huge expanse of mudflats. We hope to join you on another trip next summer. (My wife would like to come if you do a walk just to the wreck).   Peter Caton October 2014  Author Essex Coast Walk

Sunday 17th May 2015

It’s a long time ago since we 4 swiss girls walk the broomway with you and Toni… it was the sunday, may 17th 2015, and the weather was very with us! The visibility was good, so there was no problem to start the trip. The atmosphere was so amazing and we really enjoyed every single moment of this unique excursion on the so called „most perilous path in europe“. You were a very good guide and told us a lot about the history of this special place and we learned many things about how the nature works at this part of the coast.  For all of us, it was a very impressive experience. Thank you again for giving us the possibility to visit this special place, the amazing broomway!

Sunday 4th October 2015

Hello Brian and Toni

Thank you so much for the wonderful walk along the broomway yesterday, it was so interesting and Paul and I really appreciated how much you put into it for us. Weren't we so lucky with the weather. We enjoyed the visitor centre and the tractor ride as well.

Kind regards


Broomway Walk 20th Sept 2015

First of all let me say how much I enjoyed the walk on Sunday and thank you for guiding us and also Mrs Dawson for looking after us all so well too.

I had a good walk after the Broomway from Shoeburyness back to Westcliff though in no way did it compare to the splendid wildness, beauty and tranquillity of the Broomway walk.

Thank you for being instrumental in introducing me to the delights of Essex - I will definitely return.                                                                                                                                   Jean

Hi Brian,  A very enjoyable day starting with a picnic lunch in the lovely relaxing garden of The Heritage Centre in Churchend village on Foulness, before being whisked away on straw bails on the farm trailer to the start of the walk at Aspin Head. We where then guided safely across the sands to Wakering Stairs accompanied by the  "rronk " of flocks of Brent Geese no doubt just in from their flight from Svalbard. Along the route there were helpful pointers to features both near and far away in Kent & Clacton. The coach lift back to the Heritage Centre was  much appreciated, a remarkably clean coach with an amiable driver.  Many thanks Brian..    David & Diana October 2014

Dear Brian,  Thank you very much for the excellent walk on the Broomway yesterday 19 October. I had been wanting to walk the Broomway for some time and this was my first opportunity. It fully lived up to my expectations. It is an extraordinary and magical place and you are an excellent guide. I am only sorry that my wife was not able to join us yesterday but I know that she will not be willing to miss out so I look forward to seeing you and Toni again next year. Regards Tim October 2014

Foulness Visit & Broomway Walk 5th October 2014  -  Just wanted to thank yourself and Toni for a great day out Sunday. It was really kind of you to help me out with logistics and that meant we spent some quality family time together in an amazing environment. I am not sure the weather could have been better if we had arranged it and the light during the afternoon just made walking the Broomway a magical experience.  All the best  Nigel

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